The Cruisin' News has a variety of ways to advertise with us...

Our Swap-N-Sell ad is the go-to way to sell your goods. It is a text based ad listing your item - or items - to sell. Describe your item(s) and give a price. Think of it as a swap meet in words. Highly effective way to sell or swap your goods. This ad works very well for both parts and whole vehicles!

Take it up a notch and place a Photo Ad. Photo ads sell items FAST! A photo ad has all the great draw of a Swap-N-Sell ad but with the added benefit of a picture. Photo ads are available in black & white or color!

Do you have extra parts laying around that you just want to get rid of? List them with a Freebies Ad and send them to a good home. This ad is FREE for subscribers!

Are you having a tough time finding that certain part or special vehicle? List your need/want with a Wanted Ad and have the sellers come to you! This ad is FREE for subscribers! It is a great way to cut through the noise and get just what you are looking for.

Is your club or organization having an event or cruise night? List it FREE on our extensive Event Listing calendar. Our event calendar is the cornerstone of the Cruisin' News and will drive highly engaged enthusiasts to your event! This is a FREE listing for everybody!

Remember - The ad deadline is the 10th of each month for the next months issue.

Classic or clunker, buying or selling, giving away or wanting, the Cruisin' News is the place to go! With over 10,000 subscribers, you get your goods & wants in front of people who are focused on the same thing. Get the best exposure for your goods in Cruisin' News.

To advertise, please open and print the following forms you need, fill it out and mail it in:

Other printable forms:

Tips on How to Write an Ad that Sells

  • Write your ad first on a separate piece of paper, then edit it and then write it on the form.
  • Put a price on all of the stuff in your ad..."make offer" ads are chuckled at and they do not get many calls.
  • Don't pack a lot of stuff in one ad...long lengthy ads don't get good results because people don't want to wade thru 30 items in one ad.
  • Get your ad in on time. Deadline is the 10th of each month for the next month.